How to Improve the Medical Billing Process for Patients

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Anything you can do to improve the medical billing experience will benefit your patients — and your EMS agency. Here’s how MHR can help.

How to Improve the Medical Billing Process for Patients

For many EMS agencies, a successful medical billing experience is one where the patient and agency don’t have to interact. Once the bill is delivered, the goal is to have the patient pay it and not worry about it again.

Of course, that’s not how the experience always goes. When it comes to the complicated world of medical billing, patients often have questions and concerns. How their interactions with billing personnel go could very well be the lens through which patients view the entire care experience with your organization.

With an EMS billing service like Mobile Health Resources by your side, however, billing isn’t just an invoice at the end of the visit. It’s viewed as an ongoing process that requires compassionate guidance along the way. This approach makes a major difference in a patient’s overall experience and helps your agency deliver a better, more efficient medical billing process that satisfies everyone.


Why a Positive Medical Billing Interaction Can Be a Tricky Thing

If a patient is taking the time to call a billing department post-visit, chances are that something is amiss. These types of interactions might be prompted by patients having bad experiences with their insurance companies, for instance. Others might not understand why a particular charge is on their bill. Many are surprised when an ambulance charge shows up, believing that it falls under the same emergency services umbrella as firefighters or police.

Whether it’s a simple misunderstanding, an easily corrected error, or something more complex, patients are likely already anxious or upset by the time they reach out. It’s crucial, then, that the medical billing process is handled with care, patience, and a deep breadth of knowledge.

Depending on the issue, your team may have to backtrack and talk to EMTs or reach out again to insurance companies to resolve a conflict. Even something as seemingly simple as an employee walking a patient through a misunderstanding can take a significant chunk of time out of an already busy day.

That’s where MHR comes in. By letting us handle billing and the interactions that come with it, we can ensure your patients come away satisfied with their experience while freeing your agency up to focus on keeping patients healthy and happy. Often, patients are not sure about what their insurance policy will and will not cover. MHR will help your patients navigate and understand their insurance policies.


How to Improve the Medical Billing Process for Patients With MHR

While billing itself happens at the end of an emergency visit, a billing interaction often means helping customers through the entire process — from dispatch to discharge. MHR is dedicated to doing just that.

Our comprehensive expertise is specifically geared toward helping patients through the uniquely challenging experience of a medical emergency and everything that comes with it. MHR understands that every aspect of the patient experience matters and is prepared to tackle even the most complicated concerns over billing to ensure that each interaction ends on a high note.

For EMS agencies, having an EMS billing service like MHR on your side provides stability and assurance — for both patients and staff — that a positive experience won’t end once the bill comes. Ultimately, it shows that you truly care about your patients.

No one looks forward to paying a bill. That’s especially true when it comes after the inherently stressful experience of receiving emergency medical care. Therefore, anything you can do to improve this experience will benefit your patients — and your agency. Let MHR improve the medical billing process for patients while taking the burden off your back.


To learn more about how Mobile Health Resources can improve the patient experience with a seamless billing process, contact us today. Connie Cleary serves as the director of operations at Mobile Health Resources. Connie has spent her entire career in revenue cycle management in a variety of healthcare settings. Additionally, she serves on governmental revenue cycle committees and works closely with legislative bodies and major insurance companies to resolve EMS reimbursement issues and develop new strategies dealing with EMS reimbursement matters.


About MHR

Since 1996 MHR Billing Services has allowed Michigan EMS organizations to focus on what they really care about – helping people in their time of need. Our highly trained medical billing staff, who are certified ambulance coders, has over 100 years of medical billing experience with over 50 years of ambulance billing expertise. MHR has built a reputation for providing the most meticulous and comprehensive ambulance billing services in the EMS community today. When other billing companies stop, we go the extra mile to ensure you receive the maximum reimbursement allowable by providing extensive follow-up so nothing gets left behind.

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