How EMS Survey Team Took St. Charles County Ambulance District to the Next Level

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St. Charles County Ambulance District, or SCCAD, is the largest district in Missouri, covering 592 square miles and serving more than 400,000 residents. It has grown exponentially over its 45-year history, responding to about 45,000 calls for service in 2019. In addition to the traditional emergency response, SCCAD performs nonemergency transfers and mobile integrated health services. It has recently developed a robust telemedicine program to assist patients who do not need to visit the ER by connecting patients with trained clinicians and counselors from the scene. As a third-service EMS agency, SCCAD is dedicated to providing extraordinary care to every community member.


When working with local hospitals to perform nonemergency transfers, SCCAD found that patient surveying needed to be completed to meet contractual requirements. In addition, it wanted an easy way to determine whether paramedics were providing the best service to patients. Creating an in-house patient surveying solution would have taken valuable time and resources. Compounding the challenge, SCCAD did not have any previous data to compare against, making it impossible to determine what a good patient experience should be.


Instead of spending the time to put together an in-house surveying method, SCCAD turned to EMS Survey Team for proven data collection, measurement, and reporting services. Thanks to a robust database that includes EMS organizations in more than 25 states, EMS Survey Team compared SCCAD’s patient experience scores with those of other EMS organizations. Access to both quantitative and qualitative data has given SCCAD the ability to examine areas that need improvement and access feedback from patients.

EMS Survey team helped SCCAD determine whether its paramedics were meeting patients’ care expectations. For example, SCCAD was able to review data from one patient who had called EMS eight times over the past 10 years. This patient said the crews had always been kind and understanding, which showed the SCCAD team that the work it does is appreciated — and that its paramedics are consistently providing great experiences to patients.


When the SCCAD battalion chiefs conduct staff performance appraisals, they find it helpful to have quick access to crew patient experience data to see the trend lines and track how paramedics are performing. With this information, SCCAD can educate and validate paramedics and reflect on the overall patient experience so everyone can learn and grow. EMS Survey Team presents the survey questions and results in a way that allows SCCAD to identify opportunities to improve it services. The EMS Survey Team portal is a turnkey solution, which makes it easy to access survey reports; SCCAD can then share those insights easily with its partners and stakeholders. SCCAD also uses this information to keep its community informed, building trust with the people receiving care. The level of service that we’ve experienced has been absolutely wonderful, and we really appreciate it. EMS Survey Team went above and beyond.

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