MHR Billing Services uses the latest cloud based ambulance billing software from TriTech. All of MHR’s revenue optimization specialists are certified ambulance coders.

Our EMS Billing Services include:

  • Customized billing and reports designed to meet your needs.
  • Compliance with HIPAA and CMS regulations.
  • Provider enrollment, revalidation and updates with insurance companies.
  • Ongoing review and verification of reimbursement amounts.
  • Provider appeals and administrative hearings.
  • Thorough compliance documentation review prior to billing.
  • Patient support to assist in resolution of payment concerns.
  • Secure Cloud based data storage.
  • Coded by certified ambulance coders.


MHR Billing Services provides financial data reports. All revenue is deposited directly into your accounts. 

Available monthly reports include:

  • Call Detail: Detail listing of calls entered in the previous month. Includes sum of charges, credits, and balance per call.
  • Call Summary: Summary of all calls in the system by billing schedule status. Includes count of calls, sum of charges, sum of credits and sum of balances by billing schedule.
  • Call Detail: Summary of cash posted in the previous month, summarized by payor type.
  • Receivables Distribution: Showing status of receivables and collections for the previous 12 months, providing analysis of the speed of collections.
  • Credit Detail: Detail listing of refunds and write-offs posted in the previous month.
  • Aging Summary: Lists patients’ outstanding balances aged according to a specific date.
  • Twelve Month Charge/Credit Report: Provides analysis of charges by month and the credits applied to those charges for collection rate statistics.
  • Patient Collections: Reports on calls that reached the end of billing efforts in the previous month. These reports contain a summary of patient information and history of attempts to collect that can be used by the collection agency.
  • Administrative Review Report: A list of calls that require additional information from the client agency to allow further billing processing.


Our services consistently improve our clients’ bottom line. Most clients report an increase in revenue within the first year. Our claims review process ensures that claims go out clean the first time which improves your bottom line and cash flow. Claims are transmitted to payers electronically whenever possible.


Documentation errors are one of the main problems in the the EMS industry. Let us show you how to improve and enhance your documentation so patient information is correctly and accurately captured the first time. Our EMS documentation workshops and seminars are relevant to all members of your EMS team: boards, executive leadership, office staff and field personnel. We will show you examples of good and bad documentation. And help your staff with our call documentation guide which reduces the number of runs that need to be returned to you for documentation corrections. Clean claims improve your bottom line and reduce your accounts receivable. MHR Billing Services can also develop tailor-made workshops for your organization.

Remember if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.


We provide an on-site system analysis that will help ensure your service is compliant with both HIPAA and CMS regulations. We will help you develop a plan of action for ongoing evaluation and review to help you remain compliant with current guidelines.


MHR offers Stryker Physio HealthEMS ePCR (electronic patient care reports) software to all of our clients free of charge. Stryker Physio HealthEMS is NEMSIS gold compliant and is used by some of the largest and most prestigious fire departments and EMS agencies in the country. HealthEMS is a cloud based software which has been proven to help providers improve patient care and financial performance. HealthEMS allows for information flow between all members of your team and MHR.